Zammer Lochputz

The popular destination Zammer Lochputz fascinates with dizzying insights into one of the most beautiful wild water in Tyrol.

Prices: (free of charge with the TirolWest Card)
€ 4,50
Children (7-15 years) € 3,50
Children up to 6 years free
Seniors (60 years and older) € 4,00
Groups from 10 persons € 3,50
Guided tour € 29,00 (only by appointment at Tel. +43.664.5859089)

Reductions: Summer Card (Tyrolean Oberland), Raiffeisen Club Card and Sumsi Card, Arbö Card, Tyrolean Family Pass and Tyrolean Senior Citizens' Association.

Evening hikes:
Adults € 3,50
Children (7 - 15 years) € 2,50
Children up to 6 years free

A truly "special" gorge awaits the guests of the Zammer Lochputz. The name giver of the gorge landscape, once known as "Zammerloch" and for a long time reserved only for climbers, is a rock formation in the shape of a bull's head, the "Lochputz", which watches over the petrified water nymph above the waterfall. Countless legends entwine around the Zammer Lochputz, which makes hiking in this unique natural landscape even more interesting. A water fountain, the Lötzer waterfall, a long tunnel, the Roman tower, a playground for our little guests and the possibility to visit a show power station make a visit to the Zammer Lochputz a unique experience.

The tour of the mystical gorge takes about 1 hour - helmets for our young and old visitors are issued free of charge at the entrance.  Children under 10 years only in company of a supervisor. Dogs allowed - ATTENTION grid floor

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Zammer Lochputz


Name:Zammer Lochputz
Street / House number:Lötz


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From Landeck-Zams Bahnhof, Österreich to Zammer Lochputz

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Kneipp facility Zammer Lochputz

kneipp facility: Kneipp facility Zammer Lochputz

Directly at the entrance to Tyrol's mystical gorge, the Zammer Lochputz, there is a Kneipp facility. Here you can revive your tired legs with new energy.

The legend

On a tour of Tyrol's mystical gorge, you come across wondrous phenomena such as the ruined smithy, the mirror cave and the stone bull, which was formed out of the rock by the water itself - the Zammer Lochputz.
The legend of Zammer Lochputz tells of the tragic career of a young shepherd who turns into a mysterious bull...

The tour

  1. According to legend, the young shepherd fell into the torrential floods of the Lötzbach after the blacksmith's shop had cut the suspension bridge 's suspension cables. The bridge was rebuilt and offers a wonderful view of the bull's horn and the old smithy.
  2. The old smithy has its roots in earlier days of history - today, however, only the foundation walls are visible, because according to legend, the smithy fell victim to a great fire.
  3. Like the Lötz power plant, the Zammer Stierhorn embodies the energy of the Lötzbach. The water jet of the bull's horn is not artificially generated by pumps, but shoots up towards the sky through the sheer power of the water.
  4. The waterfall is the most impressive place in the gorge. Here the Lötzbach plunges 30 meters down in an impressive manner. Over the millennia, the water has made its own way into the valley and flows undeterred down the valley.
  5. Probably the most mysterious place in the gorge. The bull and the nymph united forever above the floods of the Lötzbach. The two stone images have been guarding the entrance to the rear part of the gorge for centuries.
  6. From the viewing platform there is an unusual view of the impressive waterfall.
  7. The water intake for the power plant, with its roofing, gate valves and openings, serves to protect the tunnel system from flooding.
  8. There are strange mirrors on the cave walls . These mirrors are said to have come from a cave beneath the Great Silver Spire, and legend has it that these slabs of rock, with their shimmer, offer people the opportunity to look into their own hearts.
  9. The Roman Tower (also Lötzturm ) dates from the time of the Appenzell Wars in 1406 and was part of a defensive complex, which originally consisted of three towers and a continuous wall.
  10. The power plant , built in 1923, is powered by water from the Lötzbach through a narrow penstock. In earlier times, between the world wars, the two generators supplied the entire municipality of Zams, including the hospital, with electricity.


Romantic evening hike ...

... in summer and winter.

Every Wednesday in July and August there is a guided tour through the Zammer Lochpuz from 7:30 p.m. No registration required

Every Wednesday from the end of December to the end of February from 7.30 p.m. No registration required.

Adults € 3.50
Children (7-15 years) € 2.50
Children up to 6 years free

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